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About us

The  Arab  Communities  Association (ArabCan)   is a non-profit, non-political, non-religious organization that aims to Communicate and participate with all Arab citizens abroad and the Arabs at home.

Its primary purpose is transmission of culture; promote cooperation, with all Arab communities in different countries around the world. Engaged in international Culture and development activities in the Middle East and North Africa.

Federation of the Arab Communities Association Abroad (ArabCan) will enable us to face many crises, especially in the Arab countries.

Our Mission: Building cross-cultural understanding and Strengthening institutions and communities.

Voice of Arab citizens at home and abroad (heard and read and documented).

How to join Us? 

Can any Arab citizen abroad to join (ArabCan) through a permanent membership and get representation abroad, and communicate with us in order to issue reports and follow the news, and active participation in the Arab community. Everyone can contribute to the editing, writing or quoting from sources licensed transport.

How ArabCan is Run and Structured?

Especially Arabs, and to provide a friendly place to socialize and reach services and opportunities. ArabCan understands the challenges that newcomers face when they travel Abroad . At the ArabCan, we provide information and assistance to guarantee the success of individuals and families in Abroad. We also provide a focal point for access to various services, including (but not limited to), employment, immigration, and settlement services.