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ArabCan Membership:

ArabCan constantly strives to work with associations, exploring opportunities to include online content as a tangible membership benefit.

If you represent a member organization and are interested in discussing the inclusion of our content as a benefit to membership, we encourage you to contact us.

We publish in all aspects of News About Arab Citizens in Abroad and the Arabs at home. For more info. about ArabCan Click here.

Content can be linked directly from the secure area of your association’s website to provide a seamless link to international, quality content that you can offer to support your members’ learning and development.

ArabCan's online content provides many benefits for both your association and your members:

Association Benefits

( communities and individual )    
For Arab communities and individual Citizens can obtain permanent membership for free. And communicate with them through the site ArabCan.                                                          
You can participate and contribute with us through the publication of private content with Arab Citizens abroad.

Member Benefits

( Business Memberships )
Business Memberships for commercial offices, companies, and immigration agents . Memberships allows you to purchase products for business, Provides immigration services, certified legal advice.

- It's For Free 

Membership Benefits:

  • Be part of the decision making.
  • Access free or discounted events.
  • Personal mass announcement service.
  • E-mail reminder prior to upcoming events.
  • Get informed of issues that concern the Arab Communities.
  • Communication,Participation, and Social Change in the world.
  • Low-cost immigration services through legal agents and ArabCan representatives accredited.
  • Discuss the issues of human rights during the Arab civil society organizations and Arab communities abroad.
This list does not represent the laws, and may be changed by members of the Association of Arab communities abroad.

Download ArabCan Membership form and mail it in :

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