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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Iraqi And Arab Community Association - IACA in USA

About IACA in USA : 

The Iraqi and Arab Community Association was established in March, 2012 in response to the growing needs within the community of newly arrived refugees and immigrants from the Arab world.

We serve over 50 families in the North Shore area. We meet the needs expressed by the community and work to help individuals achieve their goals.
Our vision is to assist our new Arab community as we integrate into US society creating a safe space for our children to lead healthy lives. We want to see our community find its voice and be able to celebrate important aspects of our culture and language. We want to celebrate with individual families as they achieve their dreams to be productive, self-sufficient and independent contributors to US society as we strengthen our new North Shore community.

The people coming through our doors have fled conflict and have been offered safety and security through the United States Refugee Admission Program. All have arrived with dreams of a peaceful and successful future but they face many obstacles as they begin this phase of their journey.

Our Mission: IACA is dedicated to providing holistic social services to address needs identified within the community. Our center is a gathering space - providing social interaction and help navigating the complex systems we live in.

Programs and Services:

IACA Programs - Meeting needs

MBHP Case Management: Through a partnership with the Massachusetts Behavioral Health Partnership. We have 9+ case managers serving clients. Case managers provide translation help clients apply for applicable social services.

ESL: We have two levels of ESL classes meeting 4 days a week. These classes are free to participants and use relevant cultural topics to teach English.

Arabic Classes: Free Arabic classes are held on Sunday afternoons. Classes are attended by children from within the Arab community, helping them hold on to their linguistic heritage and adults from the larger community interested in learning Arabic.

Computer Classes: Twice a week we provide instructional computer classes covering basic computer skills, typing and the use of relevant programs.

Workshops: We organize quarterly informational workshops that educate the community on critical issues such as patient’s rights, and fire and community safety.

Elder Programs: Elders within our community often feel isolated as their mobility and language are limited. Every Wednesday we open our doors to the elders from our community offering food and activities as well as time to socialize with each other.

Citizenship Classes: As a family reaches five years in the United States, we help them prepare for the Citizenship test by offering civics and history classes.

Resources: Our office is a space both for collection and redistribution of donated materials and information on where to find food, shelter, clothing and other necessary items when a family is in need.

How can I contact the Iraqi community ( IACA )  in USA 

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